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Now this could either result in a lot of crotch-scalding accidents, or simply god sent.

Introducing Handpresso auto E.S.E. for the coffee addict on the go.

“Just plug the espresso machine into the 12V cigarette lighter, add water and a E.S.E. coffee pod of your choice. Then press the button, wait for the 3 beeps and the espresso is ready!”

Life altering indeed.



Always wondered how your friends got a hold of all these fancy emoticons they keep sending you on Xmas day, or news years eve? The kind that makes you wonder “wow you’ve got a shit load of time on your hands.”

Introducing Emojicons, your one stop plot of internet emoticon heaven that could really strike a chord with your friends on the social media platform. (╯°□°)╯

Start the war by clicking here


The History Channel, nothing but programming goodness related to historical people and events.

In other words,


Gawd! Reading is so strenuous sometimes! Thank god for kinetic artist Joseph Herscher’s elaborate Rube Goldberg Machine!


The Money Shot...

Famed Japanese artist Takeshi Murakami’s $15 million masterpiece…You be the judge.


The Economist released its annual “World in Figures” for 2011. While it’s mainly a massive data log for inquisitive reference and people who get tingles in their naughty parts when discovering the industrial output of Burundi, there are actually some interesting, perspective-changing facts. Here are the highlights:

Most innovative country in the world – still the United States (think Apple)

Best standard of urban living – Vienna, Austria

Biggest hard liquor consumers – Finland

Biggest Beer drinkers – Czech Republic

Biggest smokers – Greece

The most expensive place to buy a Big Mac (the Big Mac index accurately rates how expensive a country is) – Norway (40 Kronors – US$ 7)

The cheapest place to buy a Big Mac heart attack – China (US$2)

Most money spent on education (relative to national budget) – Cuba

Most obese relative to population – Lebanon (not the U.S.)

Most doctors per person – Cuba

Highest cost of living – France

Lowest Marriage rates – Colombia (wonder why?)

Most people in jail – United States – 2.3 million

Freest economy & #1 for all economic competitiveness indicators – Singapore (but you still can’t get a cab or your bill)

Freest Press – Denmark

The best place to be a human being – Norway

Biggest tourist spending country – United States (shoots that 20% of the country not having a passport limitation to shit)

Most male workforce: Qatar

Most female workforce: Benin

Biggest sausagefest – Qatar (3.06 males to 1 female) (Maybe that will change by 2022, it does have the world’s highest population growth rate as well).

Biggest party – Ukraine (85 males to 100 females)

Highest percentage of women who use proper modern contraception – China – 86% (say what?!)

Biggest refugee population – Afghanistan

#1 country to seek asylum if you are a refugee – United States – 496,000 applications/year

Longest River in 2011.. is still the Nile. Not the Amazon.

You can also view all the rankings with the iPhone app.

Getting off to industrial output figures since 1986,