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Now this could either result in a lot of crotch-scalding accidents, or simply god sent.

Introducing Handpresso auto E.S.E. for the coffee addict on the go.

“Just plug the espresso machine into the 12V cigarette lighter, add water and a E.S.E. coffee pod of your choice. Then press the button, wait for the 3 beeps and the espresso is ready!”

Life altering indeed.



A friendly game of ping pong gets epic in a hurry.


“The machines in the distance are oil rigs, their cylindrical legs allow them to walk/float anywhere in the ocean and [they] have sucked the Earth dry like locusts. The airships aren’t an invading force, but a massive evacuation by other humans trying in vain to escape the meteor hellstorm raining down.”
– Youtuber keef70 on his masterfully After Effects’ed GoPro surf video, “Apocalypse Later, Surf Now”

Alright so we’ve seen these 3D devices before, but this drawing transformer is still worth a look.

An Easy-Bake Oven for the 3D printer generation, Origo will effortlessly convert drawings rendered in 3Dtin into 3D plastic models.

Learn more about this amazing new toy here! BTW, it’s meant for kids but that’s not really stopping us is it?


In honor of Dexter‘s upcoming 6th season premiere.


The history of Western Civilization as told through the changing hairstyles of women over time.


Women on the Philippine island of Mindanao took matters into their own pants, organizing a sex strike which swiftly brought an end to the fighting in two villages.