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Category Archives: Douchebagary

Now this could either result in a lot of crotch-scalding accidents, or simply god sent.

Introducing Handpresso auto E.S.E. for the coffee addict on the go.

“Just plug the espresso machine into the 12V cigarette lighter, add water and a E.S.E. coffee pod of your choice. Then press the button, wait for the 3 beeps and the espresso is ready!”

Life altering indeed.



Think you’ve seen the most baller receipt known to man?

Well take a seat because this receipt beats your receipt any day. Here’s a copy of a £203,948.80 bill recently paid off at a Hilton nightclub in Liverpool by 23-year-old self-made trader Alex Hope.

42 rounds of “pussy” shots? We’ll talk about that later.

According to sources, Manchester City footballers Joe Hart and Adam Johnson and Wayne Rooney’s wife Coleen were on hand to help him out.


Here’s a new marketing trick that may seem a little questionable in my opinion.

From Rethink Canada comes a campaign for “hair loss specialists” that aims to shame balding men into self-consciousness.


Cop, you’ve just been punk’d.


And now, the new Leaning Tower of Pisa cliche.


Everything you need to know about Bond. James Bond.


After seeing her son repeatedly fail in his attempts to nail a breakdancing move, Alex’s mom offers him some borderline-racist words of discouragement.