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Think. Rant. Post. Repeat.

Look trendy, for cheap. Real cheap.

If you’ve been following trendy beggars since 2010, you would’ve heard of Brother Sharp who was hailed the most handsome and fashionable man on street. No literally, he lived ON the street. It could’ve been those Johnny Depp eyes, or that sad vacant stare and hunger for warm food and shelter.


But not all is lost! Sharp’s photograph moved millions in the left chest area. Now an overnight sex symbol on the Internet, Sharp is now the subject of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of donations, and even got to star in his very own movie.

With this awesome new fad catching on, who knew being a trendy beggar had its perks.

One year on, China and their random rankings have decided to proclaim Zhou Fei China’s 2012 most fashionable beggar.

Clad in a suit splashed with cologne, Zhou had made himself an online celebrity. So much so he charges a person 1 yuan for taking a picture of him, and 100 yuan for a group shot. Occupation? Professional Beggar.



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