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Monthly Archives: September 2011

The Economist released its annual “World in Figures” for 2011. While it’s mainly a massive data log for inquisitive reference and people who get tingles in their naughty parts when discovering the industrial output of Burundi, there are actually some interesting, perspective-changing facts. Here are the highlights:

Most innovative country in the world – still the United States (think Apple)

Best standard of urban living – Vienna, Austria

Biggest hard liquor consumers – Finland

Biggest Beer drinkers – Czech Republic

Biggest smokers – Greece

The most expensive place to buy a Big Mac (the Big Mac index accurately rates how expensive a country is) – Norway (40 Kronors – US$ 7)

The cheapest place to buy a Big Mac heart attack – China (US$2)

Most money spent on education (relative to national budget) – Cuba

Most obese relative to population – Lebanon (not the U.S.)

Most doctors per person – Cuba

Highest cost of living – France

Lowest Marriage rates – Colombia (wonder why?)

Most people in jail – United States – 2.3 million

Freest economy & #1 for all economic competitiveness indicators – Singapore (but you still can’t get a cab or your bill)

Freest Press – Denmark

The best place to be a human being – Norway

Biggest tourist spending country – United States (shoots that 20% of the country not having a passport limitation to shit)

Most male workforce: Qatar

Most female workforce: Benin

Biggest sausagefest – Qatar (3.06 males to 1 female) (Maybe that will change by 2022, it does have the world’s highest population growth rate as well).

Biggest party – Ukraine (85 males to 100 females)

Highest percentage of women who use proper modern contraception – China – 86% (say what?!)

Biggest refugee population – Afghanistan

#1 country to seek asylum if you are a refugee – United States – 496,000 applications/year

Longest River in 2011.. is still the Nile. Not the Amazon.

You can also view all the rankings with the iPhone app.

Getting off to industrial output figures since 1986,



Alright so we’ve seen these 3D devices before, but this drawing transformer is still worth a look.

An Easy-Bake Oven for the 3D printer generation, Origo will effortlessly convert drawings rendered in 3Dtin into 3D plastic models.

Learn more about this amazing new toy here! BTW, it’s meant for kids but that’s not really stopping us is it?


In honor of Dexter‘s upcoming 6th season premiere.


The history of Western Civilization as told through the changing hairstyles of women over time.


Your argument is invalid.


After seeing her son repeatedly fail in his attempts to nail a breakdancing move, Alex’s mom offers him some borderline-racist words of discouragement.


An Original carte de visite, c. 1870 of a man who strangely looks like actor Nicolas Cage.

The truth is out. I knew Cage was some sort of walking undead/blood sucking vamp.