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Think. Rant. Post. Repeat.

Job-listing site recently released its list of the best and worst jobs for 2011.

This shocking revelation will have you wishing you finished that philosophy minor, because apparently being a philosopher is better than being a doctor or lawyer.

In fact, neither physician nor attorney made the site’s list of 20 Best Jobs for 2011. And not necessarily because these careers require special training. Many of the jobs that made the cut require just as much, if not more schooling and specialization than doctoring or lawyering.

Right at #2 on the list is a mathematician who would require at least a master’s degree. The site says you can make almost $95K/year as a math nerd, but has mostly “math teacher” gigs listed.

Another job on the list that would require either an extensive education is a meteorologist. After all, look at WGN weatherman Tom Skilling who ended up faring better than his kid brother, disgraced Enron president Jeff Skilling.

Other rare or highly specialized jobs on the Best list:
#8: Historian
#9: Audiologist
#11: Sociologist
#14: Physicist

Meanwhile, many of the jobs making the Worst list seem to come straight out of a Chevy truck ad:
#1: Roustabout
#2: Iron Worker
#3: Lumberjack
#7: Welder
#10: Construction Worker

So there you have it. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.



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