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Think. Rant. Post. Repeat.

Al Capone was the world’s most famous criminal in an era that saw nothing but non-stop drive-by Tommy gun shootings. He’s still the default mental image you have when somebody says “gangster”.

But who would’ve thought this badass motherf*ker loved sappy love songs and even wrote a few of his own.

His one documented song (though it’s said he wrote many more) was titled “Madonna Mia,” and it was essentially a heart-wrenching ode to his beloved wife. He wrote most of his stuff in Alcatraz prison, a place where sweaty man ball collidings, sodomizing and stabbings take place. Yet, being the badass he was, sat in his cell and played dainty love ballads on a banjo. What a smooth criminal.

Capone's cell looks nicer than most dorm rooms wouldn't you say



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