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Think. Rant. Post. Repeat.

Gather round boys and girls, it’s conspiracy theory time!

So apparently there are Alien structures and ruins on the moon. Meaning they’ve been watching us for a very long time. There are countless pictures, satelite videos and testimonies by astronauts, military personal and scientists that back this up, and yet we sleep soundly. Ignorance is bliss isn’t it?

The above satellite image plus many others with anomolous objects photographed as evidence have been “smudged” to blur the details before handing it over to the press, according to conspiracy theorists.

Hmm. If this were true, that would explain why the US bombed the moon. Pfft to see if debris from the explosion would reveal water ice or vapour… more like to see if we’re actually capable of defending ourselves the USA way. Americaaaaaa fuck yeah!

Hold on to your asses boys and girls, at the rate things are going, we might see a lot more probing action in the coming future.

Meanwhile, in other news man gets tricked into consensual anal probing.



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