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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Just when you thought American food had figured out all the ways to kill you, they come up with something new – Straight out of Texas…..Deep Fried BUTTER. Comes in a meal deal with a diet coke…



Here’s a goon getting blazed on his home-made Xbox controller pipe.

Here’s another goon showcasing his latest apparatus, the N64 pipe.

“Here’s my 360 video game controller. It was the first wireless controller, post Xbox era. It’s been through hundreds of boss battles and bulletstorms. You can still see little marks on the toggle from my button mashing on Ninja Gaiden 2. And it still works perfectly on my new Xbox 360 slim. Oh and you put your weed in there.”

The SNL Rob Sneider version was too pixelated, so the one above will do.


Lynch, best known for cult favourites such as Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks, Lost Highway and Mulholland Drive, has signed with British Indie Sunday Best, a label run by DJ Rob da Bank.

Last heard on 2009’s ‘Dark Night of the Soul,” a collaboration with producer Danger Mouse and the late Mark Linkous, the LA-based artist has released a pair of songs exclusively to iTunes.

Below is “Good Day Today” a more trancey electronic cut, while “I Know” goes for a more spooked, atmospheric rock feel.

Listen to “I Know” here.


Alan Taylor published a series of photographs revealing the drug war that look place last week in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, between the Brazilian forces and hundreds of drug traffickers holed in the shantytown complex dubbed Complexo Alemão.

More info and photos here

The reality faced in Cidade de Deus.


A Twitter/Facebook-themed Adidas sneaker design concept by Gerry Mckay. Lord please no.


Renowned author, journalist, and anti-theist Christopher Hitchens (con) debates former UK premier Tony Blair (pro) on the resolution “religion is a force for good in the world” as part of the Aurea Foundation’s ongoing Munk Debates initiative.

P.S: Hitchens won.

Fast forward past the introductions to 4:51 for the debate.


Legendary actor Leslie Nielsen, star of comedy classics Airplane!, Police Squad! and The Naked Gun, passed away today from pneumonia in Fort Lauderdale. He was 84. You will be missed!

An illustration of Leslie Nielsen’s 60-year acting career